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Websites need to be updated often since they are a means of communication for any sized business. People are using the Internet everywhere – on their televisions and phones, so having your website’s content up to date is, no doubt, something that is very important now.

Website Maintenance Problems or WordPress related concern

The main problem with updating a website is where to start. We get emails or calls from people all the time who are in a situation where they are tasked with updating the company website but they have no idea where to start. What happens is that maybe the last time the website was updated was before they were employed there or the person who was in charge of the website has left the company. Sometimes the web designer that made the original website has left town or went out of business.

Getting access to the website can be a problem but we are able to work through that and help our clients. Information about how to do that is below but let’s first discuss our website design maintenance services.

Our website maintenance and WordPress services include…

  • keeping your blog updated with fresh content
  • making website improvements
  • enhancing your website’s design
  • functionality troubleshooting (Something broken? We can fix it.)
  • adding new functionality (online store, blog, gallery, forms, etc.)
  • maintaining your latest news or events calendar
  • upgrading your CMS or plugins
  • WordPress Customization
  • reworking outdated components
  • WordPress theme Installation
  • adding new pages or sections to your website
  • regular reviews to pinpoint beneficial improvement options
  • making individual updates on an as-needed basis

Conclusion Website design maintenance services are here at Designing Fever. We provide help to clients all over the Seattle, WA or India and even in other countries. We do not need to meet face to face in order to get things done as we have lots of experience taking care of people’s website maintenance needs. Get a hold of us today and we’ll see how we can help you.

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