Designing Fever Graphic Designing

Filled with inspiration and creativity. Focused on results. Partnering with clients across the world. Logos, packaging, brochures, leaflets, presentation designs, Business Cards, Facebook pages and more. The India creative Designing Fever design Crew will help you design messages and imagery that will open the hearts and minds of your audience and improve customer engagement and sales. Designing Fever has an extensive in-house graphic design team. With their exceptional skills and talent, Our Graphic Design team can take an idea or concept and turn it into a powerful and effective piece of visual communication.


The Designing Fever crew can also act as a back-end partner for clients with resource and time restrictions. Advertising agencies and large marketing departments the world over use Designing Fever for new concepts, extending master concepts into different extensions, as well as for bulk layout operations – all at a fraction of the cost of local market rates. Complimenting the talented design team is a competitive fee schedule. Designing Fever deliver quality end results without breaking the bank.

Designing Fever has an extensive record in developing powerful and effective branding items. Working in conjunction with the Brand Development team, the Designing Fever team can turn a brand model or brief into a logo, strapline and other branding elements. Collectively the two teams work together to provide a complete branding tool kit, including logo variations, files and style guides.

Designing Fever has developed a unique process for commercial printers for reducing huge press running cost and error free production work-flow apart from providing prompt artwork support in graphic design. Prepress and print publishing has evolved from just being an artwork and layout design to more complicated production support services. This include support for 3rd party prepress softwares like Apogeex and Prinect, estimation, production planning and even full back-office print production.

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