Designing Fever Multimedia

We have always wondered as to how to make simple messages interesting, and complex messages simple to communicate. The answer lies at the heart of Multimedia technology. By using the creative magic of Voice, Video, Music, Artwork, Images, Animation, Thought, Emotion and Creativity, Simple messages can be made captivating, and extremely complex or technical messages can be communicated without making viewers yawn.

Designing Fever has been a pioneer in designing Multimedia Presentations and Demos for the last decade. We are the creative provider of choice for all kinds of Multimedia Presentations and content, and few of the presentation formats are listed below:

  • Multimedia Company Profiles
  • Multimedia Sales Presentations
  • Multimedia Presentations without Pro Voice
  • Multimedia Product Sales and Concept Demos
  • Annual Reports Highlights
  • Multimedia Service Demos
  • Multimedia PowerPoint Presentations
  • Exquisitely designed PowerPoint Presentations

At Designing Fever, we offer the complete New Media Package to our customers. A unique partner that excels in all aspects of new media, whether it’s a Multimedia presentation to showcase that new product coming in the market or to pitch your company’s strength to a potential partner or client, Designing Fever empowers you to impress your audience, every single time

Multimedia Presentation Services combine technology and creativity to produce an innovative Multimedia Solution to generate your clients’ interest in your products and meet your business goals. Designing Fever provides complete multimedia solutions which will work with your budget to develop the best interactive presentation for you. Designing Fever has done an excellent job in developing a Multimedia Presentation in Delhi or India according to clients need.

Multimedia documents are being increasingly used on the Web to communicate information. Design and authoring of multimedia documents and Web presentations are becoming intermingled and interdisciplinary activities. Multimedia Presentations can wake up sleeping clients and also involve them in active interaction during the presentations. Multimedia Presentation Services is effective marketing tool that can empower any company whether it is selling products or services. Our creative and dedicated multimedia experts give you a complete multimedia solution; by providing customized software according to your multimedia requirement.

Designing Fever also provide its creative expertise through innovative multimedia presentation services, including Macromedia Flash and Director with studio quality sound effects, music loops, video clips and voiceovers, ensuring your target audience gets your message in the most effective way. We also provide database-driven applications to help make your site more dynamic and to meet your business needs.

Designing Fever Multimedia Design