Designing Fever GIF Design


Our GIF design service consists of web banner(s) which are animated with minor text and image animations. They are ideal for placing on your own website or on websites you wish to advertise on.

Who is the animated banner design for?

Animated banner design is ideal for small businesses owners who prefer moving and animated banners, without using Flash. GIF animated banners come with the required animation without requiring the website visitors to view the banner with the FLASH Plug-in.

We specialized in creating professional banner design in all standard sizes and formats, like JPG, GIF, PNG for static banners and SWF, GIF, HTML for animated banners. Each and every banner is customized to meet your unique requirements.

Standard Web Banner Design:

Standard web banner ads are a pretty simple concept. Our well-designed and entrancing static banner ads are a fantastic way to let everyone know you have arrived. They are quite affordable for even the smallest business owners, they easily convey your key message across in a split second and they are accepted all across the internet and even in mobile phones and older internet browsers.